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A · Ghostly · Voice

WeirdTxEVP ghost hunter group out of Houston, TX

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Greetings group,

I am new here.

I run a small ghost hunting group out of Houston, TX that we call WeirdTxEVP. We've been to tons of cemeteries and have caught hundreds of EVPs. One of my personal favorite spots we went to was Joe Byrd Prison Cemetery in Huntsville, TX, where the unclaimed dead and also executed inmates are buried that lived and died in the Texas Prison System. What makes this place especially interesting to me is that the notorious serial killer Henry Lee Lucas is buried there.

I am very much into ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication), which encompasses other means of spirit communication, included video feedback loops (Klaus Schreiber method of capturing images of spirits on television), DRV (Direct Radio Voice, where a static frequency on the radio has voices that communicate and respond to questions), etc. I believe in spirit contacts, and have recently begun obtaining EVPs in my apartment (though I do not consider the place haunted).

I personally believe everyone can access the paranormal. It just takes some time and patience, and willingness of spirits to communicate.

Though our group is called WeirdTxEVP, our username on youtube is Paulzdaman1.

Here's a preview of some of the stuff on our channel:

This video covers a lucky couple days at my appartment where we recieved multiple EVPs.

The channel also covers abandoned buildings/urbex (uban/rural exploring), ghost towns, and obscure figures of the occult, such as Abbe Boullan and Montague Summers.

Please feel free to comment, subscribe, friend me (on either youtube or livejournal). My livejournal however is of a more personal nature and has much less to do with the paranormal.
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