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A · Ghostly · Voice

Pregnancy and ghosts?

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We moved into a new house about six months ago and it's been quiet, much to our surprise. We had heard that a new house should be blessed first thing in case there are any harsh spirits or wandering spirits that might cause harm. But there hasn't been much to cause a lot of worry.

However, lately I've noticed some odd acivity. Maybe it's always been happening, but none of us were aware of it. Something has been shaking my bed at night. At first I thought it was my boyfriend's leg twitching, but it wasn't. Sometimes the bed would shake even when he's not there. It wasn't violent shaking, either. It's more like a quick jolt of "hey, wake up." Also the blinds rattle on occassion even when the windows are all closed, which is the creepier part of it all. The other night, I witnessed two orbs in the room. No way for them to be headlights or anything because our room is at the end of the house and the back gates don't sink up with any of the neighbors. The only way for light to reach the ceiling (it's angled) is for someone to have a flashlight.

The odd thing is, this only started as soon as I hit my fifth month of pregnancy. We're both in tune with other worldly things. My boyfriend had a shadow follow him for YEARS before the move (we assumed it liked the city we were at too much to follow us here, since neither of us have seen it) and he is a bit of a clairvoyant. I would see ghosts on occassion and would sometimes hear things. So we're not surprised if the baby is also in tune with this "oddness".

But with the activity only starting to recently, I'm curious if my pregnancy is causing the activity or if the baby is attracting spirits into our home.

I found nothing online, aside from supersticions that my mother raised me on.
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