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A Ghostly Voice

we <3 ghosts
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A Ghostly Voice

This community functions as a discussion area concerning all manner of ghosts and the supernatural. However, no UFO stuff. Sorry but the way I see it, if you've seen one grainy picture with a dot in the corner you've seen them all!

A few simple rules...

  1. Please keep within good taste. I'll leave it up to you to use your good judgement.
  2. Please note if something you're posting is known to be ficticious.
  3. If you're posting something that has been published in a book or on the Internet, please include the name of the book or the source URL.
  4. Once again, no UFOs.
  5. promoting other communities is allowed, just so long as they are semi-relevant and you don't spam.

I leave all this to your best judgment, but blatant breakage of these rules will result in banning.

Here are some links to related sites, enjoy.
Ghosts.org, a massive anthology of true ghost stories whose archive goes back to 1994.
AAEVP, a resource site for EVP (electonic voice phenomena).

Your mod is teenagewastelnd.