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I read up on some old ghostly experiences I had and recalled…

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I read up on some old ghostly experiences I had and recalled something about animals being able to sense things that we cannot. I'm not a skeptic when it comes to this. I've always had cats and dogs around me and thought I'd share the only two experiences on this that I can remember clearly.

1) I was about seven or eight and was trying to get my cat out of the house for the night (my mom has never liked the cats sleeping indoors), but she refused to out the kitchen door. She was just focused on this one spot a foot or so in front of the kitchen door and a foot away from her. So I tried to push her with my legs, but she kept growling and hissing. I honestly thought she was mad at me for kicking her out. So I tell her I'm sorry, and I gave her one last nudge. She jumped like a foot or so clear OVER this empty space and jolted right out the door.

2) I moved about three months ago. We lived in a small one bedroom apartment that had four spirits, as far as I knew. there were two shadows that stayed in the bedroom. One that came and went and would knock on the bookcase and our computer desk. And the last was the spirit of an animal. I was the only one who experienced the dog spirit. So every once in a while, I would hear this clear loud growling, regardless if it was quiet or if I had my music on full blast or even if all the doors were locked and the windows closed. I know for a fact it was not any of my neighbors dog's or anything because I heard it in the living room while I was in the kitchen. The closest dog was across the street two houses down. This happened when my dog was about five months old. When she was that young, she did not for any reason bark in the apartment. So out of the blue one day I hear her growling for the first time. She's looking at this one spot where the computer is and her hair is on end. She starts growling louder, and the next thing I know she lets out this loud high bark. I think that's when my boyfriend stopped denying that we most likely have one spirit that wants to cause harm. On occassion she would still growl a warning to that one spot, but never really barked at it again.
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