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The Boat House by walt Hewes 1996
This is where I lived when I first met Lillie Peterson Oaks, the ghost who gave me her story in a number of visitations. Am I insane to believe this? I hope not…

I’m sorry if my writing skills lack the “gen-say-qua” needed. I know that is a French word and I’m sure I’ve misspelled it, but my understanding of it’s meaning comes from family tradition. You do know that the Native America people of Appalachia learned French long before they learned English. I know this means style, technique and something that is beyond words, but writing is about words. I hope my skills as a wordsmith will grow as I continue to tale the story that was given to me by a ghost.
The love of my life moved into this old house in 1985, I moved in with him in 1992. He called it the Boat House, because seen from the side, this huge house looks a lot like an old steam driven paddle wheeler. Only a foolish captain would run his ship aground so high up in the mountains.
It was like living in another century, fetching water from the spring house, keeping chickens, minding the landlord’s cattle, heating with wood, growing a year’s supply of produce and putting it up in cans. We no longer live there. We did not want to raise our children in a two-story tent. The house is rotting into the damp ground and is a cold and drafty place filled with angry mean ghosts from a horrible knifing that happened there during the late 1920’s. I can blather on about this all day, but I won’t now…
In 1996, a good friend of ours received a commission from the Rockefeller family to travel to Ireland and do water colors of some of the old properties and landmarks that their first immigrant ancestors always talked about, and paint portraits of a few of their family members who still lived in the old country. Walt Hewes needed a place to store his winter clothes, boxes of printed paintings and unsold works, and other things he would not need on his transatlantic adventure. In exchange, he promised to paint the house and I DON”T mean put a fresh coat of latex on it either…
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On June 6th, 2008 05:29 pm (UTC), lavajin commented:
Je ne sais quoi.

Il est "I don't know what" en francais.
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On June 6th, 2008 11:40 pm (UTC), orchard_mnt replied:
thank you very much...wasn't even sure what to put into a french translator to get the write words back...

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