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Hi all,
I joined this community several years ago, cos I'm fascinated with ghost stories, though i have always been pretty much of a skeptic myself. I can say though, that, I have leant towards believing in ghosts as oppose to not; in other words, was 90% believing in them. -- I've had a few things happen to me when I was younger to make me wonder, however, now, I have got quite a few things happening in my place and, I am wondering what you think. and I would like some answers as the events that have been occurring lately have been getting quite annoying.

OK, first a bit of background I guess is always a good start. I live in a two-bedroom unit which is one of eight that were built in 1980. I believe there was a pretty big house on this block which was knocked down for the purpose. -- I am unsure about anything to do with the house; the history or whatever. I aim to ask a neighbour or see if I can find some history of the street online. - I feel so weird talking this way, as it's just not me but anyway. things have certainly been happening around here which I just can not explain.
I have been living here for six years now. and maybe about three years after I moved in, I woke up one morning to find the back door wide open (when I had shut it the night before.) what was even more fascinating about this was the door handle was still in the locked position. Even if I had of opened the door, I would have left the leaver thing on the handle unlocked; it makes more sense hey?!
I wondered about that for a while, then dismissed it.
Then, fast forwarding til about two months ago now, I had a couple of friends boarding with me. I was at work, and as we'd planned to go swimming at a friends place, I had asked one of my friends if they could bring my swimmers with them as I'd be meeting them there that evening. After trying to remember where the pair was that I liked, and couldn't remember, I just told them to bring my new pair, which i told them where they were.
That night, I went to get into bed, and, I found my old pair of swimmers; the ones I couldn't find anywhere, nor get them to find. (I am unsure how long they'd been there because I am blind, so therefore, just found them as I climbed under the covers.) course my friends said that they hadn't put them there.
Then, all was normal again up until a few days ago. My friends left about a month ago so I'm on my own. Last friday, I got home from work to find my back door, again, wide open. I was slightly annoyed about this, since it was hot and I had wanted to keep the house cool. What was even more annoying was the fact my screen door was also unlocked, meaning, that anyone could have just walked in; luckily they didn't.
Weekend was fine. Monday morning though, back door was wide open again. I shut it during the day as it was hot and wanted to keep the heat out and cold air (from airconditioner, in.) Alas it wasn't to be. Every time i went to the back door, it was wide open.
I spoke to a friend about the happenings and he suggested I make sure the door and locks were secure. I rattled the door for him, and a couple of times previously, had done it to make sure the lock was firm; it was. there is no way the door could open in the wind or whatever.
Monday night, I shut my door and said out loud "I want this door shut. it's still very hot outside." but the door, again, was wide open the next morning; with the lock in position on the handle as usual.
The next time I went out, I decided to get my big heavy perkins brailler to put near the back door; against it.
nothing more happened til today. I had a friend here last night, and we had been talking about the situation and occasionally making jokes like "everything from now on, is the ghosts fault. all those dirty dishes are the ghosts fault" etc etc.
This morning, my friend went outside the back to toilet her guide dog, and found the container for my new Dycen vaccum cleaner outside on the back step. The last time my cleaner was used, the container was put back on the cleaner, once emptied. and here it was, outside, for some reason. No-one had touched it since a couple of weeks ago when I had my grandmother do some vaccuming for me. When my friend brought the container in, it was all dusty from being outside; something I wasn't impressed with, as it's a new cleaner.
so, what do I do? I've had to rule out any perfectly simple explanations here. If this were a ghost, which it would have to be (at least some non-human force I don't know about), what are they trying to tell me? Furthermore, by opening my backdoor all the time, do they not care about my safety? Any suggestions? How can I get this ghost/force to help me, as it did when it found me my old swimmers, instead of annoying me?
I should point out too, I also have a guide dog, and she hasn't noticed anything. I hear of animals sometimes having a sense for ghosts and things, but I haven't noticed Heartly acting any different really at all.
(cross-posting to my personal journal as well as aghostlyvoice and I'm doubting very much some on my friends page are going to believe me, but, such is life; I need answers!
Cheers! :)
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On March 20th, 2008 01:27 am (UTC), bailzzararco commented:
I don't know what to make of it, but your story is really similar to a little cartoon I saw years and years ago. It was a story of a family who lived in a house with a small tool shed by the side. Every night the tool shed would open up, no matter what they did to keep it locked. Eventually they find a skeleton buried in the tool shed and when the skeleton was finally given a proper burial the door finally stayed shut. I don't know, maybe there is something outside the door you should look at. Are you familiar with dowsing? You can dowse for things other than water. Have you got a metal detector? Might be worth checking around.
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On March 20th, 2008 01:50 am (UTC), rdfreak replied:
hmm what do you mean dowsing? no unfortunately I haven't got a metal detector. do you think maybe it's a possibility something may be buried somewhere? I haven't got much soil in my little backyard. I mean, not a lot but hard earth. -- was this cartoon you saw ficticious?
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On March 20th, 2008 02:06 am (UTC), bailzzararco replied:
I don't know, I saw it a very long time ago, like more than 20 ago. Your story just reminded me of it, it seemed so similar. You might have heard of dowsing for water by using a forked stick perhaps? I use a pendulum dowsing myself. But if you haven't heard of it before then I don't know if it's worth trying out as it's something than generally takes some getting used to. You make a pendulum out out whatever you have. A thread with a paper clip on the end of it will suffice, probably one of those bigger heavier ones are best. Dowsing is like holding the pendulum over an area and trying to find out if there is something buried there for example. In the case of pendulum dowsing, you'd program it to turn clockwise for "yes" and counter clockwise for "no". Programing isn't anything hard, it's just a conscious decision to agree with what means yes and what means no. Sorry I can't be more helpful, it sure sounds like you have something really peculiar happening in your house.
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On March 20th, 2008 02:28 am (UTC), rdfreak replied:
no that's OK; you explained it well; trying to make one up here would be hard; would need some help but maybe I can get someone to help me one day.
thanks, and if you think of anything else, do let me know!
Cheers! :)
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